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Intimacy Counseling - Begins with a "bulls-eye" diagnostic consultation to pinpoint the exact nature of your problem or interest, and proceeds to co-designing your course of action. Marcia's uncanny accuracy and seasoned savvy will save you time, energy and money, and ensure the best results.

Hypnotherapy - Enjoy "altared" states of profound relaxation, allowing access to the other 90% of your mind and imaginal powers normally not available for identifying core issues, resolving your dilemmas and enhancing your life exponentially. Behavioral re-programming, addiction, past lives, trauma release, etc.

Healing Bodywork - Marcia's healing hands are nearly legendary among scores of clients. With the power to raise the dead and remove stressing blocks (with your surrendered cooperation), you can enjoy gentle and soothing "Hypno-massage" or ask for deeper release on both physical and emotional levels. Option: a "body psychometry" reading.

Body Psychometry - is Marcia's name for her unsual ability to read information stored as DNA. A "body reading" - eg. any physical condition or body part reveals past lives, salient childhood events, current dis-ease as relates to our healing and progressive well being.

Creativity & Sacred Artist's Way - What a treat you are in for when this creative virtuosa applies her improvisational play talents to your needs: busting clocks, generating authenticity, originality, freeing your artistic gifts at last. Say "YES" to expressing the hell outta yourself, and making room for Heaven. Learn how to use ANY art form as meditation and as a healing force with Marcia's five -fold Sacred Artist's Way process.

Improvisational Play Workouts - are Fundamental to creative fire and inspiration, confidence and ability to think/act on your feet. Learn to trust the Play of the Moment: for your life, your art, relationships, work. All ages, levels welcome. (See PlayWorks)

Sacred Love Arts/ The New Tantra & Bodywork - Study the ancient art and science of melding the spiritual and sexual-sensual aspects of intimate life in a wholly natural manner, essential to fulfilling your path towards "conscious relationships." Enhance what's working, heal what's not. Individuals, partners, classes.

Shamanic Practices - Deepen and expand conscious interconnection with all living things, ancestral and interdimensional Guidance, angels, power animals, shift shaping skills, soul Journey and Retrieval work, dreams, plants, creating altars and ceremony. etc. Explore "tantric shamanism," making love with Life, eviolving the Light Body --yours, ours and beyond. 2 APPRENTICESHIP positions available.