AWARENESS Mag - "Soul Mates" Expanding Your Possibilities; "Beauty from the Insight Out"; Menopause: Initiating a Pause that Refreshes"; The Change of Life: A right of Passage"; "WoMANifesto"; "Counting Our Blessings"; "Jealousy"; "The Importance of a Loving Touch" (parenting); "Cultivating a Green Diet"

WHOLE LIFE TIMES - "Singing Over The Bones"; "Bonded In Blood": Interview w/ Motherline author, N.R. Lowinski; "Keeping Your Distance: American Men deal w/ Intimacy"; "How to Be A Man": interview with Keith Thompson (started Men's Mvt w/ Bly); "Love in the Palace of the Soul": interview w/ John Welwood

CRONE CHRONICLES: "Freeing the Divine Serpent"

GATEWAY Mag - "Keys to Sensual & Sexual Fulfillment"; "Nurturing for Men"; "Letting Go Gracefully" (relationships)

ECSTACY J - "Auto Eroticism & Ecstatic Passageways"

L.A. SPIRIT - "A Touch of Tantra"

EVERYMAN Men's J - "Healing the Mother Wound"

TANTRA: The Mag - "Getting the Tantric Touch"

MEN'S COUNCIL J - "A Foundation For Intimacy"

SINGLE Mag (L.A.) - "Lovers"; "Dare to Dream"; "Communicating Our Differences"; "Healing Hearts"; "Zeros & Zeniths"; "Fighting Fair & Facing Fears"; "Listening"; "Expressing Feelings"; "ReThinking the 'R' Word" - Relationship"

SINGLE LIFE (San Diego) - "The Pleasure of Touch"; "Pursuing & Distancing"; "Ho-Hum, or Magic?"; "LIGHTening Up"; "A New You for the New Year"; "Sweet Everythings"

MASSAGE Mag - "Sexual Turn-Ons During Massage"

SoCal Home Care (web site) - Healthy via "Humor" (from The Tao of Play manuscript)

STEPS TO RECOVERY - "The Play of Recovery"; "A Psychology of Addiction"

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