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Welcome to Love Arts

LOVE ARTS seeks all the ways we "come to Life" through healing, education and life - affirming practices.

At the Heart of every matter, love, renewal, joy beckons. Through the discoverable arts of Love and the love of Arts (all the ways our Souls express), I dedicate myself wholly to finding all the ways to assist you to fulfill your Dreams.

My areas of expertise and passion issues include Conscious Aging and advocacy for culture change in Aging, Intimacy, Sacred Sensual-Sexual Healing and Wholeness, Expressive Arts/Therapies, Creative I.Q. boosting, StressBusting, Recovery/ Inner Child Work, Shamanism, Intuition, Past Lives, DreamWork and The Theater of the Self -- danced in the joyfilled PLAY of our moments.


** Marcia's written works and photographs have been provided for your delight and edification. They are however, copyrighted. All of her works are protected legally, requiring her express permission for reproduction, your own business use, or any use of the material besides your viewing pleasure. Thank you for your cooperation.