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Praise for Marcia's Works

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"Brilliant piece of Orginal Pain Work"
-Kip Flock, MSW, OPW originator,John Bradshaw's LifePlus Institute

"Overall excellent reviews and ratings by her students"
Euzetta Williams, Program Dir., OLLI -U.C. Santa Barbara

"Best attended program in our Assisted Living division--five years"
Sandra Albarron, A.L. Director, The Village at Sherman Oaks

"Stimulating classes --a valuable and dedicated teacher"
Ida Blaine, Encore Older Adult Program Dir., L.A. Pierce College

"Remarkable ability to create safe atmosphere for creative self expression."
-Dr. Richard Kaye, Director Quantum Healing Center, San Diego

"Extremely pertinent, well-presented material [recovering the playful inner child]."
-Douglas Maguire, President, PALM, Inc (Problems of Addiction in Labor & Management)

"Her playfulness and joyous spirit always touch our residents' lives."
-Ann Sludikoff, Founding President, SFV Activity Directors Association

"We are already implementing her ideas on lightening up our sales jobs."
-Pat Luthy, Regional Director, L.A.W.N. Procter & Gambel

"Huge P.R. success with your playful relationships salon."
-Marlo Morgan, Community Programs Dir., Barnes & Nobel, Encinitas, CA

"Rave reviews for your Comedy Improvisation class."
-Leon Levy, Director, MiraCosta College Community Services

"Program brings joy & light --, a kind, generous, caring person"
-Maggie Blanchard, Activity Dir, Brookdale Senior Living-Chanate

"Exceptional ability to effectively reach adolescents"
-Anne Hanley, PhD, Vista High Teen Parent program director

"Best teen group director we've ever had"
-Rev. Brian Anderson, Vista Church Religious Science

"Great 'Character Voice Dialogue' presentation"
-Virginia Hawkins, SAG President, San Diego

"Wonderful article on touching for our Holistic Parenting dept."
-Darby Davis, Publisher, Awareness Magazine

"Really woke up some old geezers, 'lightening up' our club"
-Charles Repp, Pacific Palisades Rotary Club

"Invaluable contribution to exploring feminine power"
-Louise-Diana, Y.O.G.A.

"Bright, alert, highly intuitive, caring, insightful, sensitive input"
-Samuel Kiwacz, Transformational Friends of Santa Monica

"EnLightened us up with her humor and music"
-Rev. Patrick Harbula, Intergroup for Planetary Oneness

"Wonderful gift of music, a memory and a song in our hearts"
-Virginia Ramos, Education Dir., Blind Children's Center of L.A.

"Gifts of love and talent to our senior citizen guests, holiday mood"
-Sally J. Altabet, Sec., Soroptomist Internat'l, L.A. West


"Vast knowledge, artistry, gentle, observant, empowering guidance, atmosphere of trust that a master therapist creates..."
-Carolyn Crawford, Houston

"Healing work tided me through deep depression after my wife died."
-Leon M. Leon, Magician, 89 years old, inventor of "clap board"

'Feeling magic, sensing through her fingers, releasing pain, tension"
-Judith Bloch, artist, L.A.

"Your laying on hands unwinds me, gets me in touch with my real self"
-Edith Nichols, Exec Secretary Lockheed

"Her true touch massage integrates my physiology and psychology"
-Randy Nite, Pres., Nite Records

"She's our adopted Mother, there for us when we've needed it the most, saving us with her wisdom, insights!"
-Caecelie Carlsen, Shure Baatbatar, DiaZolena clients, L.A.

"Just 1 hypnosis session helped me pass the CA bar exam"
-Michael Ramsey, Esq.

"Overcame 2 years of chronic insomnia in 2 sessions!"
-Ron Jefferson, M.D.

"Touch therapy opened up my true, relational self"
-Jim Flagg, VIP Lockheed

"Your love, sustenance revived my self esteem. I can now pass it on."
-Joe Solomon, MSW, LA Children's Burn Ward

"Energy work returned my blood pressure to normal!"
-Howard Cherry, retired, N. Hollywood

"Hands-on healed my foot in 3 days -doctors had predicted 6 months"
-Gary Springfield McEarl, DJ, San Diego

"Relief of writers block -and old sexuality wounds"
-JS, San Diego

"Delightful fun, bringing out my playful, magical inner child"
-Rita Hildebrandt, Inner Landscapes, San Clemente

"You make us feel like we're all your family"
-RC, senior resident, Brookdale Living - Paulin Creek

"Brought whole group to a joyful state -extraordinary!"
-Bob Davies, workshop attendee, Elysium Fields

L.A. Pierce College, Older Adult Program Students

"Makes you use your mind quickly, relieves loneliness"
-Louis Adler, student of comedic improv, LA Pierce College

"Smiling when I enter class, laughing when I leave"
-Harlene Oren

"Safe, friendly atmosphere fosters growth, spontaneity, outs the Stifled creative self, transforms what you thought was possible"
-Clare and Harvey Kapner

"Opportunity to learn to risk, trust others, be OK with myself"

"Well grounded teacher, great social interaction"
-Bev Freed

"Game ideas to share in family get togethers!"
-Sallee Proudian

"Improved communication and confidence, stretched comfort zones"
-Marian Schultz

"No longer shy, withdrawn -able to interact, be happy again"
-Diane Kuykendall

"Her physical and brainteaser exercises support our healthy aging"
-Dorris Cragg

"Inspired my own passion to teach a Broadway show tunes class"
-Jean Coggan

"One of the best teachers in the Pierce College program!"
-Gayle Silva

"You loosen up, forget your problems, forge friendships -a youth- flu exuberance takes you over"
-Marilyn Faber, (mom to creator of The Wedding Crasher film)

"Discovered a relevancy that our other social life lacks"
-Irene and Bob Copsey

"In class, we can exhibit our individuality, demonstrate free expression"
-Eileen Guliasi