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VOCAB REHAB (aka Dingo Lingo)

(Excerpt from The Tao Of Play)
M. Singer © 2000

I began coining language years ago, becoming especially aware of it in 1986, a very creative time of change in my life. Unfortunately, many of my revelations about language would come in the wee hours of the morning. I would be awakened from sleep by word thoughts, words presenting themselves to me, coming apart on me, revealing their essences (which, of course, I would have to take down as sleepy dictation). I compiled a small book of these called, In A Word; many of these words have been included in the player's lexicon below. Ever since, I have had a lovely friendship with words, inventing or reinventing them as needed to express concepts and redefining terms to express my very personal experiences of life and the spiritual growth I undergo. Enjoy!

[Author's Note: An excerpt follows.]

Ahs. Be a wizard of ahs- a sound of soulful resonating

Altar Ego. Ego self soulfully aligned with spirit, sacred egoic sense-ability

Altar'ed States. State of being in the realm of the sacred, or where the ordinary and extraordinary meet; practices/ways to transform into this state, including hypnotherapies, dream work, voice dialogue, hands-on touch, art, and so forth

A-Muse-ment. Successfully entertaining one's muse

Art. The (any) language of the Soul

At"Toon"Ment. Getting hip to Who and What you really Are - and enjoying it!

Beauty. Perceiving the radiant essence of anyone or anything

Body Play. Games that develop awareness of the body's flexibility and strength; related to Sense-You-All-ity; our earth nature

Breath Play. Experimenting with breaths of air (in and out through the nose), water (in and out through the mouth), fire (in through the nose, out through the mouth), and earth (in through the mouth, out through the nose); varying pacing, paying attention to affects on the instrument

Continual Rebirth. Ongoing process of self-discovery, recovery, and fulfillment

Creativity. Native faculty/power for bringing anything into being; also, having unusual ability to use one's creative powers

Creative I.Q. Creative Intelligence Quotient measures your "genius," such as, how fully you are expressing your wonderfool self

Dream Play. Using day or night dream material for growth, enhancement, artistic blossoming

Ecstatic Passageways. The myriad ways to entering the moment with complete surrender to its mystery, its unknown quotients

EmergencEase. Gently turning crisis into a gift of opportunity for growth

Emo Play. Stretching our emotional and feeling capacities and resilience; our water nature

Eros. The "Life" principle; union of yin and yang; spark where power and vulnerability intersect

Gender Benders. Games and moments that stretch us into more flexible roles and identities as masculine and feminine beings

Genius. The maximizing and fulfilling of your God-given talents and gifts to the world

Gifted Self. The joyfulfillment of being who we Are; the wisdom that comes in learning to do so, and passing these dual gifts on; being fully alive

HA! A human animation moment, a revelation or realization (See "HumANimation")

H'Artworks. Any act that emanates from the heart, a soulful work; art from the heart

Heart Breathing. A full body meditation of breathing consciously, attention to the heart and whatever we are feeling, knowing, or needing to know in the moment

Heart-To-Heart. Two (or more) persons communicating in a kind way, especially about something that's been troubling them; willingness to get to "the truth" or "heart" of a matter, in spite of fears of personal loss

Human Animation (HumANimation, v. HumANimate, imize). Art of bringing the human spirit back into life by trusting the play of the moment; process of remembering divine origins for men and women; at"toon"ment to Spirit ; max your Self and your Dream.