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Book Description

Edu-PLAY-tional, captivating metaphysical primer for children/families, featuring Crystals, Meditations, E.S.P. and Healing Arts brought to life thru storyline, activities, songs and enchanting, colorable illustrations. Glossary. Basic concepts with practical, creative applications. Sophisticated yet simple, resonating with the wonder of a young world. Recommended by leading experts. Softcover, saddlestitched.

Editorial Reviews

Wabun Wind, successor to Sun Bear, Author of Lightseeds
"the first book I've seen to fill an important hole in contemporary literature: New Age books for children... and entertaining, easy to read introduction to crystals and other aspects of alternative philosposy... children will enjoy it, and parents will feel good about the discoveries their children are making."

Marcel Vogel's Psychic Research Newsletter, Vol 7 No 5,
"delightful children's coloring book is a wonderful instructional tool that... gently guides the imagination through suggestion and realization...Meditation and color breathing are some of the topics covered in loving detail... encourages the acknowledgment and opening of...subtler senses - a delightful presentation."

Whole Life Times, Los Angeles June '89
"introduces kids of all ages" to the basics of visualization, crystal projection, programming, channeling, E.S.P., lucid dreaming and psychic development -in one little primer...Marcia Singer turns every page into a multi-faceted lesson/game/creative experience... activities include coloring, songs, mazes and lots more surprises... Camille Rendal's artwork...is delightfully endearing."

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Customer Reviews

Great All-A-Round Book!!!!
Reviewer: "cclynda" (MA USA)

This activity book for children is FANTASTIC!!! It offers children a much needed book on metaphysics and meditation. Explains it in a way that is appealing to children, I have had to photo copy many of the activities in this book for my children because they want to do them over and over!! If you want to introduce your children to the power of Crystals.. This is a MUST HAVE book!