BALLOON/PEN: Identify/target your particular stressor dilemma. Blow up the balloon to represent how 'big' it seems. Write its name on the balloon. How have you felt about it in your life?

PIN: Imagine talking back your power to bust the stress and lighten things up with positive action. Bust the balloon, feeling into the power for activating your good.

FLASHLIGHT: A device to help you see your way through the dark, the unknowns. The batteries are your courage, will. In a pinch, call on the 'light' of truth to come and guide you through.

FEATHER: Whether from a hawk, dove, crow or duck, a lucky feather will help you to remember having wings, flying above the dramas, crises, heartaches.

LIDDED "Critic Catcher" JAR: An effective jail for any overly caustic Inner Critic. Get into the habit of noticing this deprecating 'voice' in your head, it's job of shaming you with its litany of how imperfect, inadequate, bumbling and undeserving you are. Snare the Critic and stuff it in the jar, fastening the lid on tight. (You may have to do this repeatedly, because it gets loose each time you 'forget' it's there, and begin to seriously entertain its worried or punitive perspectives).

DREAM MIRROR: On the back of a small hand mirror, write the words, "my special Dream", naming it more specifically if you can. Practice looking into your dream mirror with loving, appreciating eyes that see not the Critic's 'imperfections', but into your soulfulness, spiritedness, and specialness. This allows your Dreams to naturally be more available to making real.

SMALL (heavy)/LARGE (lightweight) FRAMES: Learn to "reframe" your perceived dilemma drama 'reality'. Discover that with the small, heavier, limiting frame you can only perceive potential disasters with no good way out. It seems that the world is against small, inadequate you. Can you name the beliefs that make you feel so stressed? Now, take the larger, lighter frame and creatively find new takes on the situation: what's the opportunity awaiting you here? What could be a gift in all this? What's to gain? With practice it gets easier to view life's difficulties as opportunities for greater wellness. After a few success notches in your belt, you'll naturally trust yourself more, and see life as more supportive to your causes.

PACIFIER(s): "P-A-C" comes from the Latin word for "peace." Find what pacifies you, truly invites peacefulness. Discover what nurtures you, invigorates and restores you. (Contrary to what your Critic might think, you deserve it). Use your imagination to carry you to special places, people and circumstances if you can't go otherwise. Your body will respond to your inviting thoughts by relaxing and letting go of tensions.

C.P.R. instructions: This version stands for "change physiological reality". Creatively explore how changing your physiology (your body) -posture, breathing manner, facial muscles, stance, etc. shifts your mood, your attitude. Example: is it possible to model/copy the physiology of a confident, optimistic person and feel depressed? Marvel at the way your bodymind works. Discover that it is physiologically impossible to be 'stressed' and anxiety ridden while breathing free and fully at the same time!

FRESH AIR/OXYGEN (O ): Keep plenty in your kit, and use it! Breathe it in, feel it's healing power. Take breathing snacks throughout the day. Revel in the fact that it's free! A miracle stressbuster located right beneath your nose... Court the many forms of meditation and pleasure that offer you fuller breathing habits. If subject to being in closed up spaces for long periods, take fresh air breaks whenever you can. Even imagining it helps!