Declaration of my Right to Be the Woman that I truly Am

1. I Am beautiful just as God-Is made me.
2. I am an eternal Being. Love is my essence, my power, flowing through me, as me.
3. My ability to be fully present is an enormous Gift to others, both in giving and receiving Love. I am Gifted in Love.
4. I Am worthy and love-able by Design.
5. I choose the path of Integrity --another name for being fully, wholy who I Am.
6. I become wiser with age, living from a good, kind, awakened heart and mind
7. As I ripen and mature, I offer nourishment to others by the fruit of my very Being. As I wither, I return to Source, enriching the collective soil.
8. In ageing, my "wise blood" runs through my veins, nourishing body and soul.
9. My wisdom allows me to bless each day, finding something to be thankful for.
10. Within my nature is a child, adult woman, matriarch and wise crone/elder --integral aspects of the Cycles of Life.
11. As a Feminine person I Am worthy of respect, dignity and goodwill; I carry myself accordingly.
12. By acting as if I deserve the gifts of well being, I increase my experience of them.
13. I honor my need for hallowed, sacred time to renew myself on a daily basis via quietude, nurturing thoughts and activities.
14. I intend to see, hear and speak about myself and others with an eye for our special Gifts. I avoid gossip, putdowns, comparisons.
15. I regard each woman or man as a sister or brother in Spirit.
16. As I claim the right to enjoy Being myself/Self, I lose any fear of failing. I experience well being flowing along with and through me.
17. My creative imagination expands and deepens as I become older, easily, responding to my desire, my need, my call.
18. I welcome my sensuality and sexuality as beautiful, sacred and mysterious facets that connect, heal, restore and creatively stimulate awareness of my Soul Nature.
19. The knowledge that I Am precious, loved and 'safe' to be alive, allows me to release the things of my life when it's time: people, things, places, beliefs and practices, ultimately my physical form.
20. I give thanks that I Am Woman, and promise to love, honor, protect and nourish my special qualities.
21. I rejoice in Being just the Woman that I Am --unique, singular in all Creation. I celebrate myself more fully each day.
22. I support my Sisters to do the same. 23. Blessed Be Woman.

(First Printed in Awareness Magazine, 2001.)

W.O.W. Vocab & Precepts

for Women of Wisdom to thrive

ABUNDANCE - the experience of life as blessing, in any or all arenas

AGING - experience of/ progression towards life's physical end and Self Realization / fullfillment; harvesting and withering cycles of Life; stage of elder-ship

BEAUTY (FUL) - the joyful perception of the radiant essence of anyone, anything; our natural, true state and appearance; creative love in action

COURAGE - active companion of faith, available for the storms of life

CREATIVITY - our innate capacity to make something - anything -- happen

CRONE ("crown") - the deep femme archetype of the Wise Elder, usually reaching fruition in later life, as we mature consciously, naturally

DEEP FEMMININE - Her divine/ sacred sense-ability; ever present in each woman (and man), often unrealized; dynamic / receptive (yang / yin) aspects

FAITH - the quiet companion of loving presence

GRATITUDE - The experience of being blessed, being visited by grace

HUMOR ("flowing") & LAUGHTER - the best medicine and POV, closest distance between two persons, a natural result of being in play mode; provides, along with orgasm, the most wholly relaxing release of tensions

INTENTION - directed, focused attention /choice; a(n often invisible) key component of what appears as our reality; conscious/heartfelt - or not

LOVE - God/ God-Is force in us, as us, in all its discoverable manifestations, makes the world go round; Key to Blessings

P.L.A.Y. - the action of pure presence; universal lingo of belonging; Powerfully Lovingly Allowing Y.E.S. (Your Essential Self)

WELL BEING - our birthright; the natural result of a freely loving heart