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Book Description

Learn while you play, family friendly activity book loaded with fun games, clever verse and drawing opportunities. Serious subject of the future of our lives here on Earth given an honest, practical, heartfelt treatment. Philosophy that we're all inter-connected, and all our positive actions count. Scientific environmental facts, easy-to-understand concepts, planet-saving "do" ideas tied into abundance of wonderfully charming, colorable illustrations.

Editorial Reviews

The Book Reader, Spring '93
"An attractive drawing-text...for kids...concerning our responsibilities for (our) planet...Conservation and recycling tips, how to be an air cleaner-upper. Animal helper tips... Marcia Singer...teaches and jokes and encourages and plays with the child reader -towards greater awareness...A prime source of ecological consciousness, SInger has an infinite sense of fun, political consciousness, lavish revelry for all things organic."

Daphne Wysham, Ed,. Greenpeace Magazine
"An engaging educational tool for our most important budding environmentalists - our children."

Kathleen Mitchell, Site Dir, L.A. County Outdoor Science School/Wrightwood
"Looks just wonderful...Starts with basic concepts of environmental functions, then our problems....presented in a positive, hopeful manner inviting students to take action. I recommned it for teachers preparing students for a week at Outdoor Science School."

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Customer Reviews

Kids Go Green!
Reviewer: A reader

It's a relief to read this book that teaches youngsters how to be a part of the web of life: something most books for kids about the environment don't do. It's also fun, the illustrations are fabulous, and I enjoy coloring in the book along with my grandkids! The book covers a lot of subjects, how to conserve resources and make a difference. It's full of activities, and ideas for resources in our communities. I highly recommend this book for parents and for teachers, even Sunday School teachers to use with our next generation, for a "greener" future.