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Cultivating A "GREEN" DIET

The earlier we develop diets that really promote robust well being for ourselves, our children, our loved ones, the better our lives can be. A "green" diet refers to "life- friendly" eating habits. Awakening to more vitality, love and joy in our lives, we're guided naturally to feed, nurture and support enlivened states of body, mind and spirit with sound nutritional habits. Getting essential nutrients into our systems helps us become strong and resilient, loving and clear minded, able to better offer our special gifts to our children and families, friends, associates and our communities. Healthful eating helps us all have reserves of vital energies with which to be the best we can be and helps prevent dis-ease

A simple yet profound discovery is that the conscious, "green" diets that we choose for ourselves and our children also support Mother Earth to be well. All living things thrive best where pollution and toxic wastes are absent, and where there are sufficient nutrients, minerals, water and oxygen to support Life. We all flourish as well when kindness and respect are the norm. Author/educator John Robbins in his now legendary book, Diet For A New America made public the grim secret of "factory farm" practices of extreme cruelty to animals being raised for slaughter and the legacy of disease and death passed on to our dining tables. He ushered in a new era of "political vegetarianism," and "green" diet awareness. Earth-friendly eating habits are good for your whole family. You can take pride, too, in knowing that your good habits will be passed on. If you have children, feel good knowing their good habits can positively affect the lives of their future children, spouses, co-workers, etc. as well, creating a chain of increasing wellbeing, actualizing healing for our planet. Here then are key concepts to eating "green."

EAT ORGANIC! Plant foods that are grown and raised without toxic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and other poisons are always best to consume. Government studies published by David Steinman in 1990 reveal that non-organic peanut butter, butter and raisins are three of the most often contaminated preferred foods! Choose animal products well, too. Be aware of factory farm practices of feeding antibiotics and/or hormones to fatten animals or speed growth, hide diseases or otherwise produce 'good looking' cuts of meat. Another invisible factor to consider is whether these animals have been fed on grains grown with pesticides. It is often difficult to know for certain and inconvenient to find out, but even so, there's a lot you can do to assure that high quality, safe to eat food reaches your family's table. Look for labels on the foods you buy. Ask you grocer questions, consult books, reports. If you are growing some of your own fruits, veggies or grains, discover fertilizing and soil amending alternatives to using toxic materials.

EAT FRESH, WHOLE, ALIVE FOODS! While we can't expect you to hunt your own game or grow all your own plant foods, you can check that what you're eating is more alive than spent. Whole, fresh foods are the most vital and vitalizing, and unfortunately often difficult to come by, but being aware of your options increases your chances of eating "green." Avoid old, stale foods, and over processed, sugared, denatured, or otherwise artificially "toyed with" foods. Avoid aluminum or lead contamination in canned goods, and by using stainless steel, enamel or glass cookware. Seriously consider how much "nuked" food you eat. Studies such as those by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel strongly suggest that microwaves alter nutrients in ways that "violate nature," harming blood, causing systemic deteriorizations. Honor Mother Nature by digesting naturally wholesome, synergistically complete fare, raw or healthily cooked.

PREPARE FOOD WITH LOVE! Add good vibes to your meals to make them even more nutritious. A peaceful or 'up' mood benefits the preparation, eating and digesting of our foods. Try not to eat when emotionally upset. A nice Zen practice to assist good digestion is to give fuller attention sometimes to your eating by eliminating TV, reading, -even talking. This can be a nice change of pace, a healthful 'meditation' for whole families, too.

It's not necessary to give up flesh foods completely to go "green" in your family diets, but making them plant-based is a sure-fire earth friendly, you-friendly idea. There's a wondrous supply of grains, legumes, nuts, seeds (and sprouted versions of them all), veggies and fruits from which to create tasty, nutritious meals and snacks. Robbins' research reveals that if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%, 100,000,000 people could be nourished from the land, water and energy freed from growing livestock feed. Our meat-centered diets also directly support the perpetuation of topsoil depletion, deforestation, and water pollution.

Some of the ideas in this article may be new to you, some difficult to implement -or even accept as true. Thank you for all you are willing to do to for youselves, your children and the future of our beloved Earth by adopting good "green" eating habits.


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(Published in Awareness Mags "Holistic Parenting" section)