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Definitions For New Clients

CHANNEL - one who receives "information" about the physical plane from the nonphysical realm(s). The accuracy, reliability, value or appropriateness of the information varies according to the Intention maturity and skill of the channel to receive and interpret, and/or the client, and/or the source of the information.

MEDIUM - one who "mediates" --goes between this "side and the "other." Often used to refer to a psychic/channel who sees, hears, feels and.or knows about those no longer in physical bodies.

MEDIATION - to 'go between' for the purpose of bringing together. In the psychic field, it means to foster, to allow Connection.

MEDICINE - in the Native sense, it refers to the essential value of something, or someone: to apply that Essence for the purpose of healing.

HEALING - to restore to a balanced, harmonious state: to return to an experience of Well Being. "Cure" may also occur.

SHAMAN - indigenous or contemporary name given to a person in the role of transpersonal/transformational doctoring, healing, mediating, channeling information, moving "between the worlds," for the purpose of inducting, co-creating, restoring order, balance, well being, potential cure (as in "curandera"). Often a shaman's 'calling' involves a near death experience/crisis prior, resulting in a spiritual awakening, and 'powers' to mediate. Marcia is a Medicine woman/shamanic practitioner, unaffiliated with a particular tribe in this lifetime. Information in the form of power animals, animal messengers, spirit beings, soul journeying (retrievals), extractions, ritual-ceremonial arts, talismans, ancestral wisdom, etc. are part of this ancient, cross cultural tradition in which the sanctity of All That Is Alive is honored, studied, utilized as Medicine.

HIGH SENSITIVITY - Elaine Aron's book "The Highly Sensitive Person" (co-researched with her husband) introduced the idea /fact that 20% of humanity has a nervous system that registers subtle energies more strongly, frequently, impactfully than the "norm." HSPs do well to read her work to better understand the gifts and challenges involved. Marcia is an HSP, and also an "INFP" in the Briggs-Meyer system.

ARCHETYPES - universal human attributes, roles, personifications e.g. parent, child, artist, healer, warrior found in all cultures, throughout time. Gods and Goddesses are also archetypes. Tantric "Tulpa" is an archetype. Marcia uses Jungian depth psychological methods and Voice Dialog (a Jungian-based tool) to ascertain which archetyhpes are active or need activation to create or restore whole being sensibility. Archetypes may be expressed in their balanced "fullness," or shadow aspects --over or under-identified with.

BODY PSYCHOMETRY (sm) - Marcia's name for her unique psychic talent for reading akashic (soul) records --the salient, essential events, memories recorded/stored throughout our so-called lifetimes --via the physical body (human, animal, plant, etc.) through DNA, at a cellular level. The body is a "map of the soul." Her medical-health intuition relies on this skill. She orients to the spiritual nature or 'correspondents' of the physical body condition, state (or perceived condition or state); her readings, then, are for soul growth, which in turns spells out directions to take to allow the body to heal as best it can. Russian scientists are corroborating Marcia's notion that DNA is a portal between worlds.
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THERAPY - the application of various concepts about human nature and development, methods and devices (therapies) by a trained person to change behavior, unblock energy, get to the heart of a matter, problem, concern. It implies a relationship between a therapist and client or patient (doctoring). Its success depends upon the Intention and readiness of both parties. Marcia has training in several therapeutic modalities: see her bio, resume, etc.

VOICE DIALOG - a favorite conscious-raising tool, developed by Hal and Sidra Stone, Jungian analysts. Marcia's versions include work with actors and writers, and a creative journaling-drawing technique. http://www.voicedialogue.org/-- I recommend their newsletter, etc.
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METAPHYSICS - the arts and sciences concerned with what is "beyond the physical" sense-abilities. An ancient branch of philosophy, today the field encompasses a huge array of studies. Current favorites: Law of Attraction, relationship energetics, "memory" of water, Indigos. In 2008 Marcia taught "A Course in Metaphysics" for UC Santa Barbara's OLLI Older Adult program, and has been studying and practicing for 40 years.

DREAMWORK - the arts and sciences of dreaming: day and night dreams, fantasies, interpreting, remembering, individual and group experiences, and "lucid" -- intentional. Marcia has been a student of dreams since childhood, and taught a course for OLLI UCSB.

IMPROVISATION - the art of making it up as you go along, in art and in life. A major life study and topic of instruction for Marcia.

PLAY - the active motion of "energy" as it moves from within us, to outer expression, when our hearts are free, and minds unencumbered. "Tao of Play" is a body of Marcia's work on making play a way of Life. Read Now!

TANTRA - an ancient body of knowledge and spiritual wisdom practices that connect the body, mind and spirit; that use the energy systems, breath, instinctual and intuitive "natural" knowing systems to trigger the release of 'blocks' to the physical and subtle bodies; a path of spiritual growth utilizing creative, sexual , life-force energies to experience the Deep Masculine or Feminine Self, or find Oneness with others.