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Marcia's Bio

For a broader or deeper look at Marcia’s professional life, view her credentials using links provided on this page. Testimony is also provided.

Marcia Singer created her Love Arts Foundation training in 1990 to help fulfill the need for better communication between the sexes, especially in the areas of self-valuation, empowerment, sensual and sexual healing, and awakening the Deep Masculine and Feminine Spirit. At the time of this update (summer 2020), she continues to evolve these aims, but focuses on lighting up the core dynamics that underlie both functional and dysfunctional patterns. And to mentor Meta Practices that remove us from merely manipulating symptoms altogether.

Marcia is a contemporary shamanic medicine woman and healing artist. This "Shift Shaper’s" talents and skills include Tantra Yoga/Sexual Energy Anatomy; Shamanic Journey/ Ceremony; Intuitive energetic Body and BreathWork; preparing herbal elixirs; Psychic Channeling (The Elders, Body Psychometry, past lives, auras, Guides, etc ). Marcia’s was featured as "the love and sex psychic" on San Diego radio (CBS affiliate) and other programs through the years.

More formally? She has a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from U.C. Berkeley (MSW). Many active years as a certified Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy #1743) and past life regressionist. Her fetish artworks landed in private collections - dolls, skull wands, shields, masks and painted gourds, sold in L.A. local gift shops, and were featured in in an art show, accompanying the first Vagina Monologues performance in Petaluma CA (2009). Marcia also chose ordination as a minister and spiritual counselor (U.L.C.) in 2007, -and membership in the International Assn. of Medical Intuitives (I.A.M.I.).

This busy lady is still busy! In spite of –or maybe because of— a global viral pandemic, she’s reinventing herself in and through Service, renewing and evolving her varied skills, opening deeply to wisdom teachings. Today, the golden potpourri at the end of Marcia's rainbow of services are confined to the telephone and her zoom room (which does have a green screen thanks a beneficiary pal.) These include a Mindful Meds Second Sunday Sangha, a weekly, seated YogaCise class, and Character Voice Dialogue/creative storyboarding and journaling class that includes students near her current home in northern CA, and in Copenhagen. (Very cool indeed!) And, having found success with "remot and energy work by telephone over the years, Marcia is re-imagining vital Touch a la zoom.

Marcia will turn 77 years young this summer (this summer 2022). While she waits to see what’s unfolding for her professionally (most of her previous employment was providing musical entertainment and exercise programs for senior living and nursing communities) --in the midst of it all – she continues to be a PLAYer, uplifter, pioneering the future now. Blessed Be! Shine deLight!