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Marcia's Bio

Marcia Singer created her Love Arts Foundation training in 1990 to help fulfill the need for better communication between the sexes, especially in the areas of self valuation, empowerment, sensual and sexual healing, and awakening the Deep Masculine and Feminine Spirit.

Marcia is a contemporary "shaman" or medicine woman, both as a healer and creative artist. A "shift shaper," her talents and skills include Tantra Yoga, Shamanic Journeying and ceremony, intuitive bodywork, herbal elixers -and psychic channeling (Body Psychometry, past lives, auras, etc). Marcia has been featured as "the love and sex psychic" on San Diego radio (CBS affiliate).

Formally, she has a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from U.C. Berkeley (MSW), and is a certified Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy #1743) and past life regressionist. Her fetish artworks are in a number of private collections - dolls, skull wands, shields, masks and painted gourds - and sell in local gift shops. More news: January 2007 marked Marcia's ordination as a minister and spiritual counselor (U.L.C.)--and membership in the International Assn. of Medical Intuitives (I.A.M.I.).

Today, the golden pot-pourri at the end of Marcia's rainbow of services includes continuing metaphysical wisdom circles for older men and women (as a Community Group Leader for IONS --the Institute Of Noetic Sciences), and her tradition of "crone circles" for older women ("crone" coming from the Greek word for "crown" --as in crowning glory). Her newest discovery is the grace of providing end-of-life counsel "threshold singing" for those nearing death, and to their loved and caring ones to help create bridges from this life to the mysterious Next. And in the midst of it all -- evolving the artful ability to Play. Blessed Be!