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EVOLUTIONARY TANTRA (The "Other" Tantra) is about Mystical States /Self Realization / Psychic Powers /Healing Powers

With the advent of "Hearts Cracked Open," a feminine tantra documentary that I helped midwife, and am featured in as an instructor, I've been prompted to clarify my work, to distinguish it from that of esteemed colleagues. Defining "evolutionary tantra" has been challenging and fun -and I welcome your feedback. Namaste -Marcia Singer


1. Tantra (and each of its cultural cousins) is foremost a way of being in relationship, a way that engenders Being in Relationship, i.e., touching Beloved, Mystery. It is also the art of "turning on" at a cellular level. And a means to dance duality, and transcend identification with it.

2. MY FOCUS: whole person transformation, centered on awakening what I call "wild anatomy," wild heart, -body, mind and spirit. The process invites full bodied, loving presence, soulful relations, play-fulness, vital essence, creative originality and inter-dimensional consciousness.

3 "ORGANIC" implies that the circuitry for the awakening of Self is inherent, pre-existing in everyone. Circuits turn on with Intention and Surrender to be wholly present to the play of the Moment, the heart of each experience.

4, A "GURU" or "MASTER" is not necessary, nor are "techniques." However, learning is served by the heightened presence of a conscious guide/mentor (need not be human !).

5. While in the west, "sacred sex" is the best known application of Tantric spiritual practices, it cannot survive apart from Self realization. Sex can be an entry point -or exit, but never the whole magilah.

6. "Pleasure Highs" are the energy partners of "Painful Lows:" Tantra is the art and science of the Whole Embrace, Dark and Light, advancing beyond addictive pursuit of pleasure or pain; the path of the Beloved Everything.

7. Phenomenal sex is contingent upon phenomenal love- ability. Tantra teaches indulgence of all the senses, all feelings -with mindfulness and heartfelt awareness.

8. I combine heart-centered tantric and shamanic (indigenous, earth-centered spiritual) knowledge to tap and cultivate magickal powers. Practices include elemental breathwork, bodywork, Emotional Releasing, age and past life regression; soul retrievals, extractions, the "energetics" of orgastic body-waving, deep Intimacy and compassionate communication, and duality-transcending states. Supra powers include: Channeled wisdom; subtle and psychic perception; ability to inform Healing in self or another (human, plant, animal, earth); reading / perceiving "energy," dissipating "blockages; soul readings/ past (and future) lives; walking "between the worlds," communication with spirit animals, plants, Old Ones, angels and avatars (living and on the Other Side.), deceased relations.

9. Deep emotional releasework and removing body armor are part of any thorough "tantric" path, as is blowing self limiting mind sets, identifying and shifting addictive, obsessive or compulsive patterns -including over identifying with 'ecstatic highs,' or using 'sex magic' practices primarily to reduce anxiety or manipulate personal gain -direct, indirect (via others).

10. Tantra, invoked as a path to liberating our Gifts and informing our Destinies, opens us to timeless teachings and the experience of Blessing. It is a life long commitment, practiced daily.

11. Provides access to timeless truths, profound mystical states-naturally

12. Tantric practitioners may unwittingly re-stimulate negative/addictive/shame-based thought and behavior patterns in clients in pursuit of sensual pleasure and/or avoidance of pain or hurt (including avoidance via abstinence).

13. Body is an inherently Intelligent instrument, always "talking" and unable to lie. Body (DNA to flesh) is a living, perpetual map of the psyche. "Body Psychometry" is the name I give to the skill of 'reading' bodies to discern the karma-dharma that body belies.

14. Evolutionary tantra provides wisdom, forbearance, joy and play for end of life matters, and all matter of transitions -an infrequent application in our culture.

15. E.T. also provides hormonal balancing and symptom reduction for change of life matters. (Also seldom accessed).