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ORGANIC TANTRA: The Sacred Play of a Lover's Moment

Organic Tantra [and Evoluntionare Tantra] is the name I give to my body of sacred love arts practices and concepts. Tantra is a Sanskrit word alternately referring to the Divine Aspect of God-Is Herself --"creative power of the absolute" --or to the creative life force energies that lay dormant in humans at the base of the spine, which when ignited, travel as heat to become light moving up the chakras, or energy centers along the etheric spine.

Tantra implies liberation through the weaving together, balancing, intergrating and ultimately transcending (trance-ending?) identification with opposites. Tantra explores the mysteries of our full Yin and Yang Feminine and yin and yang Masculine possibilities. These divine dual qualities permeate all earthly life forms. They are opposing, yet complimentary polarities. Although Tantra is pri8marily known as the yoga of sexuality, it is perhaps better understood as a spiritual or devotional path that honors the boyd of creation and seeks to harness and direct its creative energies to fuel Awakening, as well as conscious Manifestation.

Creative life options open to us as we free ourselves to express the whole of our WErotic, life-affirming Soul natures. This process is organic and healing.

Organic Tantra seeks naturally life-giving and holistic practices that induce Presence. We learn to trust and delight in the play of the moment. Organic Tantra is a path of empowerment, since all true power lies in the Now. "Process" oriented, its goal is sufficient energy for conscious, caring interaction.

Organic Tantra holds that all humans are designed with a circuitry that allows "sexual" energy (i.e., co-creative faculties) and keen sensual experience to fuel profound spiritual awakening of the Oneness of all Life. Unlike many ancient and modern teachings that a man or a woman must practice various postures, breathing exercises, diets, etc, to attain Tantric mastery, Organic Tantra suggests that the only practice required is heartfelt surrender to the fullness of the Moment. This is a discipline of risking the Unknown by trusting in the inherent loving nature of Creator.

I refer to myself as a Tantric Shaman. If Tantra is a practice that opens the body of Eros (Life), turning heat into Light, Shamanism is the using of that energy source to walk between the worlds for wisdom and restoration. Shamanic "shape-shifting" means developing the empathy to become life another, to assume its character or qualities, to understand its nature. "Shift-shaping" refers to the use of the creative energies to consciously direct one's life, and to draw wisdom for meeting the its changes.

Empathic, "organic" approaches to teaching and healing are fundamental to all my personal and professional healing and growth practices.